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046 – Unique Coded Dates (R). FIELD DEFINITION AND RANGE

046 – Unique Coded Dates (R). FIELD DEFINITION AND RANGE

Dates which can be linked to the entity described into the record. Included in these are:

For someone: an individual’s date of delivery, date of death, as well as the date or date array of the individuals amount of activity.

For a business human anatomy: a date or number of times by which a meeting, etc., is held, or a romantic date with that your business human anatomy is otherwise connected ( ag e.g., date of establishment, date of termination, amount of task ).

For a family group: a substantial date connected using the household.

For a work or phrase: see subfield $k (start or solitary date developed).

The time and date are recorded in accordance with Representations of Dates and instances (ISO 8601) within the pattern yyyy, yyyy-mm, or yyyymmdd (4 for the 2 for the month, and 2 for the day) unless subfield $2 (Source of date) specifies another date scheme year.



  • Both indicator roles are undefined; each contains a blank (#).


$f – delivery date

The a person was born year. Date of delivery could also are the and day of the personРІР‚в„ўs birth month.

$g – Death date

The a person died year. Date of death might also through the thirty days and day associated with the personРІР‚в„ўs death. The date is recorded as specified into the industry scope and definition.

$k – Beginning or single date developed

For the work, earliest date (generally the season) connected with a work; that date could be the date the task ended up being developed or first published or released. For a manifestation, the date that is earliest (generally the entire year) related to a manifestation; that date could be the date for the earliest acknowledged manifestation of this phrase. Continue reading 046 – Unique Coded Dates (R). FIELD DEFINITION AND RANGE